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Donate Theological books and Textbooks

Because our focus will be on pastoral training, there is an incredible need for theological books and textbooks. Here are three specific needs where your unused theological works can be applied.

  • At Bicol School of Theology, we are attempting to develop a library. They do have a small existing one. However, many of their resources are old and worn with out of date English. 
  • Individual pastor’s needs – For those faithful pastors who already have existing churches, we are hoping to provide to them some of the more fundamental theological works along with commentaries and aids for their sermon development.

The kinds of books that can be donated.

  • ptslibrarywebsiteSystematic Theology Books
  • Bible Commentaries (OT and NT)
  • Original Language Resources – Greek/Hebrew Texts; Dictionaries; Lexicons; Grammars
  • Practical Theology – Expository Preaching, Counseling, Discipleship, etc.
  • Apologetic Resources – Religions, worldviews, and philosophies
  • Please note that we are primarily looking for bachelor’s level and master’s level resources.

Donate College Level Books and Textbooks

Our long-term plan is to set up a collegiate and graduate program in the Bicol Region. For the undergrad program, we will be looking for books in basic college humanities.

  • History of Civilization
  • Mathematics
  • English (Grammar/Composition, American and English Literature)
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Basic Science (Biology, Earth Science (Geology), Historical Science ~ Darwinian Evolution/Intelligent Design
  • World Religions

Donate ESL (English as Second Language) Books and Textbooks

In addition to the undergrad and graduate programs we will also be looking to create a through ESL program to develop the students ability to write and interact in a first world English speaking context.

  • ESL Resources (Books and Textbooks)
  • Linguistic books (Theory and Application)

Contact us if you would like to donate books or give money toward these projects ||  www.facebook/t4kohasia